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Get Your Yoga On

A lecture with Eddie Stern

3rd April


Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training 2017

Starts April 2017

Teach Yoga

David Garrigues June 2017

Ashtanga Yoga Weekend

Be Inspired

Yamuna-The Torso

18th March 12.45-2pm


Sunday Yoga and Lunch

9th April- 10.30am-1.30pm

Soul Food

Discovering Peace- Self Enquiry and Yin Yoga

5th and 6th May


  • Namaste

    What does Namaste mean? When and how do we use it?


  • Yoga in A Modern World by Eddie Stern

    this is a transcript of an Interview that Eddie gave to House of Yoga, an online Yoga Studio. We are blessed to have Eddie visiting us on 3rd and 4th April offering a lecture and Mysore sessions.


    Teachers Thoughts
  • Awaken Your Pranayama Practice

    Pranayama is the yogic science of controlling the life energy, primarily through the skillful manipulation of breath.


  • How to Meditate – The Ultimate Guide

    By training in meditation, we create an inner space and clarity that enables us to control our mind and assist in promoting relaxation and focussing on the positive aspects of life such as love, patience and forgiveness.


  • What is Rocket Yoga?

    Rocket Yoga is an Ashtanga Yoga System because we study our self through breath, bandha and dristi...but this practice can be deeper and more illusive than the traditional Ashtanga Yoga practice itself!


  • Just Blame Chaturanga

    David Keil talks chaturanga for a bit, the posture that is most often blamed for creating shoulder pain.



Inside THE Yoga Space

Open since 2004 and the first dedicated yoga centre in Yorkshire, The Yoga Space has earned a reputation as a warm, welcoming and dedicated home for yoga in Leeds.

Experience how our space creates an environment or warmth, relaxation and energy throughout the day; from early morning Mysore Self-Practice, through to day-time led-classes, and on to evening meditation. We hope you can share our feeling that the space is designed for yoga.