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  • The Second Niyama: Santosha (Contentment)

    The Niyamas are the second limb of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. We take a look at the second Niyama, Santosha (Contentment).


  • Uncover the Mystery of Ujjayi Breath

    Ujjayi has been used for thousands of years to enhance hatha yoga practice. The sound that Ujjayi provides helps us to synchronize breath with movements during yoga, making the entire yoga practice more rhythmic.


  • Alignment in Yoga: Does it Matter?

    Iyengar: "We practice asana in order to create an environment of quiet and ease in the body, so that the mind can also dwell in quiet and ease.” Aligning the body so that every part is participating in balance with every other part creates a state of ease and integration. When this happens, the asana is meditation.


  • How The Body Scan Gives Us The Power Of Choice

    The body scan encourages us to bring moment-by-moment awareness into our bodies, moving slowly from one part to the next with full attention and observation. What we notice, how we listen, what we find enables us to start making wise choices around how we choose to react to it.


  • Yoga and Weight Loss

    The debate over whether yoga is an effective tool for weight loss has been discussed for years. Find out how yoga can be effective for lasting weight loss.


  • Sun Salutations: Part 6 – Lowering Into Chaturanga

    In this sixth of 8 articles, we continue along the journey of sun salutations and explore the next movement – lowering into chaturanga



Inside THE Yoga Space

Open since 2004 and the first dedicated yoga centre in Yorkshire, The Yoga Space has earned a reputation as a warm, welcoming and dedicated home for yoga in Leeds.

Experience how our space creates an environment or warmth, relaxation and energy throughout the day; from early morning Mysore Self-Practice, through to day-time led-classes, and on to evening meditation. We hope you can share our feeling that the space is designed for yoga.