Teach Your Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Two specialist courses that are designed to provide students the knowledge to teach two distinct disciplines. Both are comprehensive, and very hands-on courses for students who are passionate and dedicated Yoga students - 250-Hours Ashtanga Yoga and 200-Hours Vinyasa Flow.


A fully comprehensive very hands on training for students who are passionate and dedicated Yoga students. The Ashtanga course is taught by Nichi Green and Brian Cooper this course has evolved from over 10 years of experience training teachers to an excellent standard.this is the only course like this in the UK that covers 250 hours as compared to 200 hours with most training providers. The course allows you to add in extra elective days in areas that interest you at no extra cost. The course is very practically based with a strong focus on alignment and adjustments.


The syllabus includes history, philosophy and anatomy and follows the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. Teaching modules on Vinyasa Krama, Business of Yoga, Pranayama and communication are also included in the core course. The core course runs over 5 days and 6 weekends over a 10 month period. Electives are made up from 6 extra chosen days. You were also be asked to do 20 hours assisting/observing with a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. This is a certified course and you will be recognised as a Yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance Professionals after completing the course and be able to teach. You can also join as a student once the course begins and it is recommended that you take out insurance with them.


What sets our Ashtanga course apart from other training is it allows students to choose Electives in their areas of interest. The Kids Yoga Course is certified also by Yoga Alliance so you will be able to start teaching Yoga to children once you have completed this module. This is a great course to do if you know there are other groups you want to teach. The 6 days are included in your 250hr course fee. These electives include:

  • Kids Yoga - 4 day course
  • Vinyasa Flow - 4 day course
  • Anatomy For Yoga Students Elective - 1 day ( compulsory)
  • Inversions Course - 3hrs
  • Backbending Course - 3hrs
  • Ashtanga Immersion Days - 1 or 2 days with Joey Miles
  • Anatomy days with Stu Girling

You can of course join any of these electives alongside the 200hr course at a 20 percent discount. 


A completely unique course that incorporates skills, sequences and tools that you need for teaching Modern Yoga in today's society. The Vinyasa Flow Training is taught by Nichi Green assisted by Sarah Blenkhorn. Functional Anatomy is taught by Richard Couch with a further anatomy weekend from Stu Girling from http://loveyogaanatomy.com/ .This course will be 200 hours and run over 6 months. The course will cover History of Yoga, sequencing, how to teach, philosophy, business and marketing, modifications and adjusting and is based on a core vinyasa sequence that can be adapted and changed to suit your students and your style. Online teaching, recording and class planning will also be an integral part of the course with a couple of days set aside for filming and feedback.


This course would suit students who do not primarily practice Ashtanga and wish to teach in a more creative and flexible way rather than from a set sequence. The student is encouraged to develop their own style. The student will be asked to learn a core sequences devised by Nichi which will form the asana practice and learning for the course. You will be asked to do 20 hours assisting and observing with a Yoga Alliance registered Teacher. Both Nichi and Sarah will be available for mentoring throughout the course. This course gives you a certification approved by Yoga Alliance professionals UK to teach Beginners Yoga. You will be able to register with them and get insurance. You will also be able to register as a student member once the course has started.

Course Syllabus and Terms and Conditions of the course can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByAOIS6H8naoY0UtR2dBLXU5Q0U?usp=sharing


FEES 250 hr Ashtanga 2017

Investment including electives is £2500, with an easy payment structure.

  • £1,000 Registration Fee - must be paid prior to commencement of course in order to secure a place.
  • Monthly Instalments - The remaining fees can be paid in 10 monthly instalments.
  • Bursary - There will be 1 bursary place awarded per year at a reduced rate of £1,500 to those on a low income. A letter should be submitted with your application stating why you wish to be considered for a bursary place.

FEES 200hr Vinyasa Flow 2018

Investment is £2,500  with an easy payment structure.

  • £1,000 registration fee- paid before course starts
  • 6 monthly instalments of £250
  • Bursary - There is 1 bursary place with a reduction of £750 for this course.Please state why you wish to apply for a bursary place on your application form.


250 hr Ashtanga Teachers

Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper has been teaching for over 35 years and running training for the last 15 years. Founder of Yoga Alliance Professionals and author of The Art of Adjusting, Brian has a deep knowledge and understanding of Yoga and sets a very high standard when training teachers. With a background in Science Brian delivers a realistic, factual approach based on his wide range of experience and on fundamental Yoga principle. Nichi completed her training with Brian in 2002 and considers him to be her mentor and is honoured to be now running the 250 hr course alongside him. Brian will teach 8 days and Nichi 10.

Richard Couch

Richard Couch is a Senior Physio and took trained with Brian in 2012. He will be delivering all of the functional Anatomy on both courses including a full day. He is excellent at delivering anatomy specifically for yoga students making it understandable and practical.

200hr Vinyasa Flow Teachers

Nichi Green

Nichi is founder of The Yoga Space and has been teaching Yoga for 15 years. She started assisting Brian once he began running courses at the studio and found that she really loved training teachers. Her love of Vinyasa style Yoga developed with Shiva Rea in 2004. She really enjoyed the creativity of Vinyasa Krama and sequences for specific postures or themes. It fed more into her arts background and her deep passion for music which she often uses in classes and will be an integral part of the course. Nichi is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Sarah Blenkhorn

Sarah Blenkhorn has been a teacher at the studio since 2006, trained with Brian and started attending classes with Nichi in 2012. She has yoga’d her way through 2 pregnancies, serious illness and a knee op and knows how to adapt, modify and deliver classes to all ages and abilities. She has also trained in Pregnancy Yoga and will be bringing in a module on this and how to adapt classes for pregnant students.


Have at least two years steady Yoga practice with a qualified teacher. This can be in any discipline of Yoga but asana practice much be of a certain standard with a good understanding of alignment. This will be assessed from application and on assessment day or via interview.


Yoga teacher training should not be undertaken lightly. Trainees are expected to maintain a regular Yoga practice whilst taking the courses. Homework and reading should be completed in time before each weekend so that the student is prepared. Extensions on homework can be granted but only in exceptional circumstances. Students may be asked to resit or redo modules/ assignments where necessary.


Certified Yoga Alliance Training Centre

Our Teacher Training courses have met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance professionals. Each course has a set 180 hours contact time and the core teachers are registered Senior Yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance.


Ashtanga Course

  • Functional Anatomy- 30th July 2017
  • Stu Girling Anatomy Weekend- 14th and 15th October 2017
  • Intensive- 29th August to 2nd September 2017 then 6 weekends as follows:
  • Weekend 1-21st to 22nd October  2017
  • Weekend 2- 25th and 26th November 2017
  • Weekend 3- 17th to 18th February 2018
  • Weekend 4-April 28th to 29th 2018
  • Weekend 5- 2nd to 3rd June 2018
  • Weekend 6-1st and 2nd July 2018

Join Us for a Q&A Open House Session:

  • Saturday 13th May 11.15-1.15

Vinyasa Flow Course 2018

Course Dates coming soon.



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