‘’Since both music and yoga can induce a transcendent state of mind, it’s only natural that combining the two will maximize your bliss’’

 We are very excited about this visit from this wonderful duo. We have been offering yoga with music for years at the studio, experiencing hand pan, double bass and clarinet as well as music from SAA-UK in the past. Our studio is a fantastic space for acoustic music and voice and when combined with yoga we can find ourselves in a a very deep place of stillness and bliss. Lucy and Pepe will be running two fantastic sessions and we cant wait for these very special events.

Yo-MU Restorative Yoga Flow, Live Cello and Soothing Beats Workshop

This is an integration of music and yoga asana that aims to heal you from the inside out. The cello has the same tonal vibrations as the body and is used extensively in music therapy, combined with yoga asana the tones of the cello are easily digested into the body and helps to lead us back to our breathe. In this workshop we will move from deep breathing relaxation into gentle yoga postures to stretch and release the layers of the day accompanied by soothing beats, cello strings and voice melodies. The session culminates with a deep relaxation to the cello and head massage. A perfect introduction to yoga asana or for those who want to take it slow and those who are healing. This session is open to all levels and music lovers alike.

 Created by British dancer and yogini Lucy Beckwith and Chilean Cellist & composer Pepe Arias YO-MU is a project born from a desire to open the world of Yoga to the healing and energising elements of live music. Lucy and Pepe step outside of the boundaries of a traditional Yoga practice by combining deep and playful asana with skillfully crafted composition. Pepe composes cello sounds, live looped beats and vocals spontaneously to the flow of Lucy's vinyasa sequence which guides the breath and empowers the body, amplifying the benefits of your practice. YO-MU is resident in an ex vintage store in the heart of Barcelona called the Carpinteria. This is a unique, new concept Yoga and Music studio founded by Lucy and Pepe in order to launch their project and open the doors to the community and practitioners from all around the world. Yoga and music for the people. YO-MU has now begun touring yoga festivals and studios internationally.

For more info go to;http://yo-mu.com/

Promo video here; http://youtu.be/Qzwr2E4x9fI

Workshop Schedule

Music lovers, yoga students and everyone who wants to experience the beauty of yoga and deep resonance. Prepare to be soothed and moved. Pure bliss.

Contact us first if you have any serious medical conditions or injuries.

Fine for pregnancy if you already have an established yoga practice