The Shoulder Girdle-Yoga, Functional Anatomy with Yamuna Body Rolling


A fantastic workshop which explains how our shoulders work and why we need them to work functionally on and off our yoga mat. Fully experiential and super informative from two fantastic teachers.

The Shoulder Girdle- Yoga, Functional Anatomy with Yamuna Body Rolling

Join Nichi and Richard for this detailed workshop on Functional Anatomy and the shoulders. Nichi will start with Yamuna to release and create space in the shoulder joint so that you can feel how the muscles activate and connect and discover your own tension patterns. Richard will then look at Functional Anatomy of the Shoulder complex linked directly to improving personal Yoga practice.
Including "the anatomy you need to know", positioning, alignment and cues aimed at improving safety, efficiency, avoiding injury and maximising longevity.

Asana that will be focused on will be Downward dog, Plank and Chaturanga.

This is a fantastic workshop for yoga teachers, trainee teachers or anyone who wants to understand how the shoulders can hinder or enable our asana practice and why its so important to be able to be in the right alignment in these key postures.

Richard has worked as a Physiotherapist for the past 14 years and now specialises in Chronic Pain Management. Richard's work with patients involves many aspects drawn from Yoga including core stability training, exercise therapy, breath awareness and retraining of movement patterns.

Richard is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance UK, he has a special interest in functional anatomy and applying this to Yoga as a way to improve technique, safety and effectiveness in asana practice.

Nichi is a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and Yamuna body rolling practitioner and has been training yoga teachers for the last 12 years and teaching yoga for 17 years. She set up the yoga space in 2004 and teaches workshops and retreats in the UK, Europe and Sri Lanka as well as teaching online for

Workshop Schedule

Yoga teachers, trainee teachers and those wanting to learn more about anatomy for a better informed yoga practice. 

Contact us first if you have any medical conditions or shoulder injuries

Fine if you are in first or 2nd trimester