Join Nichi for this challenging and fun technique workshop. We will use partner work, core exercises and feedback to help establish the foundations for your journey to going upside down.

Inversions Workshop

Practicing Inversions requires equal amounts of concentration, courage, humbleness and a sense of fun. as well as strength and flexibility. The workshop will involve the key inversions, shoulderstand and headstand and how to move into these with safety and awareness. We will look at how to encourage back, legs and core muscles to create stability in inverted postures, using handstand and other balances to help clarify the correct technique.

Props will be used to help the student feel safe and supported and we will spend a considerable time stretching out the shoulders and upper back. 

Our first basic inversion for all yoga students is downward facing dog and we will look at this pose in some detail. Some Yoga experience of at least 6 months is required to attend this workshop.

Check out this video of Nichi demonstrating the 7 headstands from the intermediate series on you tube for ekhart yoga;

Workshop Schedule

Coming Soon.

Nearly got headstand but finding that you are hopping up and have little control? Fearful of going upside down? This workshop will really help you get to grips with the correct technique and teach you how to ensure you are using your shoulders and core to support you.

Not suitable for pregnant students