Yamuna Save Your Shoulders


Realign your shoulders and create space in the upper back, shoulder girdle and torso. Body Rolling is a fantastic body work suitable for all. It is the best massage you will ever get and you do it yourself. Equipment provided. You will feel taller, more relaxed and energised with better breathing after this workshop. 

Save your Shoulders

Our shoulders and upper back are probably the most tense and overused areas of our body. For most of us its where we carry most of our stress and this along with bad posture, sitting at a computer and driving contribute further to alignment and tension. Shoulder and upper back issues can lead to headaches, neck problems, back pain and lack of sleep. In terms of a Yoga practice freedom in the shoulder girdle leads to better back bends, inversions and deeper breathing so this workshop is a must if you want to improve in any of these areas.

Yamuna Body Rolling works on bone, tendons, muscle and fascia to release tension, stimulate and creates space in the joint by using specially designed massage balls. You use your body weight to work into the tight spots and roll your way to a more comfortable, relaxed place where you feel more body aware and develop an ease of movement similar to after a Yoga class. Anyone can do this and you are in control of how much you lean into the ball.

In this workshop you will learn to free up the shoulder girdle, thoracic spine and in between the shoulders. Handouts will be given and equipment is provided. A great class especially for Yoga students, dancers, sporty types and computer geeks!!

Nichi has been teaching this fantastic bodywork for over 2 and a half years and is one of only a handful of practitioners sharing this work in the UK. She teaches online and also offers regular workshops in London. She is dedicated and passionate about this work. Mr Iyengar said " Open your armpits and you will always be happy". Do this workshop and you will understand why.


Workshop Schedule

Coming Soon.

Yoga students wanting to improve their practice. Stressed out? Anxious?Do this. Like massage but cant find the time? You need this workshop. All levels welcome. You don't need any yoga experience.

Contact us first if you have any specific chronic shoulder or upper back issues/injuries.

Pregnant ladies welcome in first and 2nd trimester.