Easter Special- Funky Flow Class


Join us to celebrate Good Friday and the Easter break with with this very special Yoga class with funky playlist,Expect strong, dynamic vinyasa and funky beats to get your groove on. Raise your spirits and your energy. The class will bring in some partner yoga and finish with a meditation.

New years Eve Special- Yoga with Live DJ Set

An Easter special with fantastic Yoga and uplifting music. Nichi will take you through a vinyasa sequence to loosen up your joints and lift your energy accompanied by a special playlist. Expect a strong, dynamic start leading you into a slower floor based practice, partner work and meditation. There will be a long guided relaxation to finish. 

Come and see us and start your Easter weekend with energy and a good mood.

Workshop Schedule

Coming Soon.

Students with some experience who love moving and love music. Ex raver turned Yoga junkie?? You will love this class!! Not going out dancing because you've got kids? This will more than make up for it!!

Not suitable if you have high blood pressure, eye problems or back isues. please contact us via email if you are unsure.

Not suitable for early or late pregnancy. Mid trimester ok if you already have an established Yoga practice.