The Art Of Sequencing- Vinyasa Flow immersion with Nichi


Learn the art of Vinyasa style Yoga, how to sequence and be more creative and fluid in your practice. We will look at different sequences of modern vinyasa yoga and work in groups to develop new ones. This is a recommended workshop for anyone interested in our Vinyasa Teacher Training Course which starts in February 2018. The cost of the workshop will be refunded if you join the course.

The Art of Sequencing- Vinyasa Flow Immersion with Nichi Green

Our energy and are body can feel different from day to day and sometimes sticking with the same sequence isn't the wisest choice. We opt for postures that we can do easily and avoid the areas we need to work on.As teachers, being able to develop sequences around a particular theme in order to benefit our students is a skill that comes from practice and research on and off your mat. Letting go of habitual patterns that creep into our practice and our movement is key to this.
 This workshop will help you develop a practice that tunes in to how you are feeling. Nichi has developed a creative style in her classes and practice with a rhythm and a fluidity that comes from trusting her intuition and moving with the breath. She takes her inspiration from Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Shiva Rea, primal movements, Dylan Werner and Meghan Currie. She is registered as a senior teacher with Yoga Alliance and has been teaching online at Ekhart Yoga for the last 4 years.

This course can be taken as a 4 hour elective and counts towards CPDs with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Recommended for improvers to advanced students. Especially good for yoga teachers, teacher training students or students interested in our Vinyasa Flow 200hr Training course which starts in February 2018.

Workshop Schedule

Yoga Teachers who want to develop their teaching, Teacher training students and dedicated Yoga students who want to immerse themselves in the study of Yoga. Great if you are also thinking about teacher training and if you are wanting to join our teacher training course.

Not suitable if you have any long term injuries. please contact us before booking.

Not suitable for pregnancy