Yoga,Run,Eat Social


Join us for this very special event at Otley Chevin. We will start with a pre-run Yoga warm up including mindfulness tips and then go on a guided run around the Chevin of 3km or 5km. We will then meet back for a Yoga class designed to stretch out the hips and hamstrings finishing with a guided meditation.
We will then share delicious veggie food to end our event at the Cheerful Chilli restaurant.

You don't need to be a Yogi or a runner as this workshop will cater for all abilities. Food included and vegan options available just let us know beforehand.



Yoga is the perfect partner to running.Yoga poses help increase lung capacity by improving the flexibility of the rib area, shoulders, and back. Breath work further boosts lung capacity by conditioning the diaphragm and helping to more fully oxygenate the blood. If you already a runner Yoga can help improve your performance and enable your muscles to recover more quickly as well as helping you improve flexibility. Running generates heat and exercises the heart and is wonderful to do prior to a Yoga class.

Nichi and Andrew will be looking after you on this workshop and aim to make this a fun, safe and accessible event so don't be shy if you have never attended anything like this before.

Nichi is a Yoga teacher, surfer, mum, novice runner and loves being outdoors. When she started surfing over 2 years ago she realised that she needed to improve her cardio fitness and started running. Now she runs a few times a week, usually around the Chevin and finds that it compliments her Yoga practice, that she has more energy and feels fitter and stronger both on and off her surf board.

Andrew is a music lecturer, composer, vegan,Yogi and runner. Keeping fit and eating are two of his favourite things( though not at the same time) as well as surfing. After youth training in cross country running and various martial arts Andrew is a flexible multi-sports fan. He has done several triathlons and has a wealth of training tips and techniques for running, cycling and swimming.He is passionate about promoting Yoga, healthy eating and exercise and thinks that life is to good to enjoy sitting down!! Andrew is a first aider and has completed Run leader training with the UK athletics organisation.

We will run whatever the weather so bring a change of clothes if its wet or if you don't want to sit and eat in your lycra. Yoga mats and props provided. Energy boost juice and energy ball provided before run. Please drink plenty of water before you get to the Chevin. Health questionnaire will be sent out to you on booking.


Workshop Schedule

Coming Soon.

 Need an excuse to get outdoors? Cant touch your toes? Bought some running trainers but not put them on yet? Run like the wind but need some stretching tips? Join us for these wonderful summer evenings. Monthly event..You can make can

Please email us if you have any serious medical problems prior to booking. Not suitable if you have hip or hamstring injuries. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before beginning an exercise regime.

Fine for first trimester if you run already. Not suitable for 2nd or third trimester.