Mysore with Eddie Stern


One morning only, a chance to experience Mysore practice with guidance and adjustments from the wonderful Eddie Stern joining us from New York.

Eddie Stern is a yoga instructor raised in New York city. He studied Ashtanga Yoga, chanting,philosophy and ritual under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois from 1991-2009. He has published several books on Pattabhi Jois and Ashtanga Yoga. He continues to study with Sharath Jois and is founder of The Brooklyn Yoga club with his wife Jocelyne. This is his first visit to Leeds. Do not miss!!

Mysore with Eddie Stern

Ashtanga Yoga views each student as unique. Postures have to be adapted to the individual. While there are particular sequences of postures that we teach, they are taught according to the level of the student. Some students are fit, and can learn more quickly, in a vigorous manner. Some are less fit, or have health conditions, and need to move more slowly.  Eddie will work with you, guiding you along posture by posture, at a pace suitable for you. Each posture builds upon the preceding pose, so that when you get to a pose that is challenging, we help you until you can do it, and after that, move you on to the next one. The goal of the Mysore class is to help you build a personal practice, and provide you with a conducive setting to practice in. Some knowledge of the primary series is required to attend.

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