Ashtanga Yoga: Back to Basics


A full day Ashtanga Workshop with Joey Miles and Rachel Woolhouse
We invite you to allow yourself this day as a mini-retreat. The days’ schedule will begin by introducing the theme, which will centre around Sutra 2:47 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra:

“Perfection in an asana, is achieved when the effort to perform it becomes effortless and the infinite being within is reached.”

This will be followed by a period of chanting and then guided sitting meditation before the morning’s led dynamic asana practice, which will include postures from the Primary and Intermediate Series.

Ashtanga Yoga- Back to Basics

In the dynamic asana session, we’ll go back to basics, reaffirming our attitude and intention for practice and considering how we can keep aligning ourselves with that, as we transition through the asana sequence. Emphasis will be placed on the key principles relating to foundation, which can be applied to all categories of posture, understanding this to be essential both for steadiness and ease in asana. We’ll also get to grips with stabilizing action, clarifying how, when, and why to apply it in asana.

After a generous break for lunch we’ll use restorative yoga, pranayama and sitting meditation to further explore the theme of finding effortlessness in asana.

Expect to gain clarity and a practical understanding of how foundation and stabilising action directly affect our experience of ease in a pose. Leave feeling uplifted and inspired.

This workshop is suitable for students who have been practising Ashtanga regularly for a year or more or practising half of the Primary Series, (if you’re unsure about your suitability for this workshop, just drop us a line). It will also be ideal for more experienced students/teachers/trainee teachers to gain clarity on alignment/key actions in postures and re-establishing a yogic attitude.

Please bring along a light veggie lunch, a pen and a notebook.

If you have questions about the workshop feel free to drop a line to Joey & Rachel directly: Any questions relating to the venue would be better directed to

Workshop Schedule

Coming Soon.

Calling all Ashtanga Yogis.. this is the perfect workshop for you. A great way to get back on your mat after the summer holidays.

Please contact us prior to booking if you have any health concerns or injuries that may inhibit practice.

Not suitable if you pregnant