Thai Massage Workshop


Learn how to give a simple but effective Thai massage. Would you like to buy your friends and family a Christmas massage but cost prevents you? Here is the perfect solution learn how to give them a massage yourself. It's fun to do and your family and friends will be delighted.
Tanja will guide you through a routine in manageable sections and there will be time to practice the whole routine. If wanted Tanja will arrange a follow up session in December to practice and refine your massage skills.

Thai Massage Workshop with Tanja

Often described as 'lazy yoga' this amazing therapy uses acupressure, energy line massage and applied yoga-based stretches to align the body, increase flexibility and relieve tension in the body. Thai massage is especially beneficial for lower back problems, hips and legs and provides a full body feeling of rejuvenation. It is an excellent accompaniment to regular yoga, helping to release areas of restriction and thus improve yoga practice but is also good for people who do not practice yoga but need the benefits of stretching.

Thai massage is applied through loose clothing on a futon and although hour sessions are possible if particular areas of the body are concentrated on, for a full body massage 90 mins or 2 hours is advisable.

Tanja is an experienced, dedicated and supportive massage therapist. She initially qualified in 1999 in Integrative massage which blends eastern and western massage styles to create an effective, and eclectic massage which is tailored to the individual's physical and emotional needs.

Using a variety of styles including swedish, ayurvedic, thai, shiatsu, pulsing, acupressure, cranial sacral therapy and deep tissue oil massage she has created her own style of healing work which concentrates on listening to the body and responding in a nurturing but strong way.

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Not suitable for late pregnancy