Strength Through Structure: The Anatomy of Handstands with Gabby Parker

Time to get your handstand-game-face ON. This is handstanding 101 from circus artist Gabrielle Parker and even though we are starting from the basics, even the basics will make you sweat! This workshop begins by deconstructing the acrobatic handstand into delicious bite size building blocks from which you can, with enough hard grind, construct your perfect inversion practice.

These bitesize building blocks are broken down into an introduction of the ‘7 pillars’

  • Specific Strength
  • Alignment
  • Endurance
  •  Consistency
  • Shape
  • Balance
  • Mobility

In the workshop we’ll be covering the basic anatomy of handstand including hand placement, body checklists and shoulder positioning. Understanding of pre-habilitation and stabilisation. Achievement of efficient balance through a straight line handstand. Specific conditioning and flexibility exercises relating to hand balance and consistent muscle memory training.

Suitable for beginners. Cost £25

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