We are Warriors with Sarah Blenkhorn

Overview -The fantastic warrior poses can be challenging for many students, beginners and improvers alike but they are wonderful for making us strong and flexible. In this workshop we will absorb the power of the pose whilst working with specifics to ensure we are stable and firm but at the same time exploring deeper to perhaps go where your warrior has never been before!

Full description – The warrior poses (named after the powerful warrior Virabhadra in Hindu mythology) are a set of strong yoga poses that stretch and strengthen the shoulders, arms, neck, legs, ankles, abdomen, hips and back!  These poses, repeated many times in Ashtanga and flow classes, take a certain degree of strength and flexibility to maintain and perform well. Virabhadrasana 1 in particular can be very challenging. Knowing how to work best in the poses to suit you can be a challenge in itself as can feeling steady in the pose whilst attempting to work deeper. The poses vary for each individual (how wide is the stance? how long is the stance? where should the arms be?) In this workshop we will address these issues whilst attempting to give ourselves a new lease of life in the pose! The Warriors energise our being, create balance and stability. They are brilliant! Join Sarah for this informative class and become the Warrior you wish to be! All levels including beginners.

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